Castle Demense 241216


There are tremendous facilities available at this run. There is plenty of parking, toilets and changing facilities and a shower in the local community centre! The run is located close to local residents and bus station.


The course is varied, going around the football pitch and then back through the park along by the river. Some short and tough climbs included. The course loops back on itself twice and runners go in opposite directions on the same road, so can be confusing. Also, the road is shared with cars.


Coffee is provided in the community centre where you go to scan your barcode after the run. Biscuits and water also provided.

X Factor

There is great community spirit with this run. Everybody goes and has a chat after the run. Also, great shouts of support along the run from other runners, which is very encouraging. Finally the run is located in the grounds of an old house, now mostly demolished, with some interesting history linked to the Guinness family and the Penn family.

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