Sligo 250317


There is plenty of car parking space for this run with a small public car park close to the start line and a larger shopping centre car park across the street. The run is also serviced by public transport and is located close to a residential area so is accessible to a lot of people. There are no toilet or changing facilities however.


This is a pan shaped course, with a two lap loop preceded and followed by an in-and-out section. The course is mostly paved, and mostly consists of running around the open park with some groves along the way. There is a hill which is long and has to be climbed twice, so this is probably not a course for a PB. The park itself is quite expansive and open, which was great on the nice sunny morning that I was running here, as I could see all the other runners as we went around. However, I can imagine that this may be an uncomfortable run on a windy, wet, winter’s morning. The view from the top of the park is spectacular.


Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a café nearby so I got some coffee on my trip home. It was a little too hot.

X Factor

The course that this run takes is quite intriguing, looping around an undulating park. Every time you take a look around it looks different, almost like a trick on the eye. This was an interesting feature. The area surrounding Sligo town is very picturesque. This is Yeats country and you can see why the poet would want to spend time in this part of the world.

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