Edinburgh 080417


There is a large car park at this parkrun, and a good bus service, so very easy to travel here. The car park fills up quickly though with the large participation.  The run is situated next to a large residential area and is easy for residents to get to. Toilets are available close to the start line.


This run follows a lollipop course, out and back with a small loop at the end. The run is on a wide flat paved surface. This is a great parkrun to attempt a PB, but fine weather is needed as this is a windswept location. The course looks out on to the Firth of Forth which means that there are some great views to be had, but also some strong winds to deal with on an unpleasant day, I would say.


There is a cafe along the route, which I think I can best describe as a bit groovy. Tasty treats and coffee can be had here.

X Factor

There is a huge participation at this parkrun, which makes for a good buzz at the start line. The organisers set up a speaker which plays out music before the run, adding to the atmosphere. There are some very fast runners at this run which adds to the competitive edge of this event. Great views over the Firth of Forth as well.

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