Erris 050817


This parkrun is located on the western edge of Ireland and indeed Europe, so it requires a little extra effort to get to. Having said that however, there is a bus service to the nearby town of Belmullet, and for those driving to the course the way is well signposted. There are no toilets or changing facilities.


The course is made up of one big loop around Cross Lough. The course is on a public road, but there is very little traffic to worry about here, and the surface is paved throughout as a result. There is a slight incline around halfway through the course, which was a lot harder than it looked; must have been the wind. Given the location next to the sea, the route is quite exposed, so dress appropriately, but also, be sure to enjoy the expansive views of the Irish countryside and coast. The route is quite easy to follow, going clockwise around the lake, but there are markers along the way all the same, as well as distance markers, which are also handy.


Parkrunnners can enjoy a coffee on the finish line with each other and the volunteers.  Expect conversations about the weather, debriefs of the course, 5k times and general merriment.

X Factor

The isolated setting of this parkrun sets it apart as a memorable run, the course being surrounded by sand dunes and farmland and very few houses. However, my main impression of the event came from the enthusiasm and friendliness of the volunteers, who were there in big numbers and who contribute to the continued success of this event.

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