Letterkenny 250817


This parkrun is located close to the centre of Letterkenny town and is about a ten minute walk from the bus station. There is parking available at the park and around the grounds of the adjacent hospital. Toilets are available near the start line.


The course is made up of three laps of the park and the hospital grounds. The surface is paved all the way around, but there are a few potholes to look out for. There is a good share of climbing in this event with a sharp pinch soon after the start of the lap. The park has some nice mature trees and open green areas, with a bowling green also, and there are some interesting architectural features on the old hospital buildings, though some are now in disuse.


The parkrun volunteers put on tea and coffee in an old church building next to the start line. The building has been converted such that it now has two internal floors, and on the second floor you are quite close to the ornate ceiling and stained glass windows of the church, which I found interesting.

X Factor

There is a large group of volunteers at this parkrun. Their commitment, and that of all parkrun volunteers continues to inspire.

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