Mount Lucas 041117


This is a rural parkrun and so public transport to this event is not available. However, there is plenty of room for parking cars, and I was pleased to see that a few parkrunners cycled to the event. There is a portaloo near the start/finish line for parkrunners, but there are no changing facilities.


The course is pancake flat, and is wide open, so be prepared for a breeze. This of course is to be expected since this run takes place around a wind farm. The surface is coarse gravel and is a bit loose in places so watch your step. The course is a lollipop shape consisting of an out and back section with a big loop at the end. The route is quite easy to follow, but marshalls guide the way at any turns. As mentioned, this event takes place around a windfarm and the giant turbines make for an interesting distraction as you go around on your run.


There is no cafe nearby, so parkrunners enjoy a coffee at the finish line when the run is over. A great opportunity to discuss your thoughts on the course and the conditions with the other participants.

X Factor

This event is quite remote in many ways, with few signs of life around it. This makes for a peaceful setting. But then when you look at the cluster of wind turbines, and consider that they are powering thousands of homes and businesses in the area, it makes this quite a special and unique place also.


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