Tullow 060118


This rural parkrun is located at Rathwood, a few miles east of Tullow. As a result of its location there is no public transport to this event, but there is a large car park at the site. Toilets are available at a garden centre next to the wood.


The course is made up of two laps around a path through the wood with a short spur at the end of the second lap. The course loops on to itself in places resulting in some contra flow traffic but these areas are well marshalled. Turns are also signposted. The course has some steady inclines so will test your ability to keep powering through, and the surface is mostly loose gravel meaning traction can be low. The route is surrounded by big mature trees, and at one point passes a deer enclosure, which is an interesting distraction.


Coffee is had in the restaurant attached to the nearby garden centre. It’s a big place with lots of breakfast options.

X Factor

I am often inspired by the dedication of the parkrun volunteers, but during this run it was one of the parkrunnners that stood out.  As I said above, traction can be low on this course; well it was especially so when I did this run, as there was some black ice on the course. One of the front runners slipped and nearly fell on the ice as he was unaware of it. Rather than carry on, he gave up his run and stayed at the corner with the ice to warn all the other parkrunnners coming behind him. This was a great demonstration of the spirit of parkrun.

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