Portumna 310318


There is a large car park available next to the start line of this run located in the forest park outside the town of Portumna. Because of the rural location public transport isn’t really an option here. There are toilets available near the start line, but no changing facility.


The course consists of two laps on a loop around the park. There are a few turns but it is well signposted and fairly straightforward to follow. The route is paved throughout and though there are some slight inclines I think this would have to be classified as a flat run, so a good place for a PB attempt. Also, given that the route goes through a forest there is plenty shelter from the wind. There are a few long straight sections on the course, of at least 500 metres, which can be a little unnerving, and a good test of character.


The post run coffee is had in a friendly cafe in the town, which is a drive away.

X Factor

The long straight sections of this course really test your resolve to keep going in a way that no other parkrun I know of does. Getting through this test is very satisfying.

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