For those who choose to drive to this parkrun there is ample parking available all along the Lakeland Forum. Public transport is an option too with the bus station being next to the park, though I am unsure what buses get in on time for parkrun. Of course, this parkrun being located in the centre of town means that it is within easy walking or jogging distance for most residents. There are no changing facilities on site, and there are toilets available in the Forum building after 10am.


The course begins on a rather old-school running track made up of clay I think. It then progresses to the river bank and out to three laps of some playing fields and then back to the start along the river bank again. There is no clear path in some parts but there are cones laid down and marshalls guide you along in various parts of the course. The route is paved and mostly flat except for a pretty tough hill at the far end of the playing field which has to be covered three times. There are lots of pleasure boats on the river and some nice sights along it so plenty to keep the mind occupied as you go around.


Coffee is had in the tea rooms of the historic Enniskillen Castle after the run.

X Factor

Writing is a skill well honed in Enniskillen with Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde and Neil Hannon all educated in the town.


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