Stormont 290918


This parkrun is located in the eastern suburbs of Belfast and is easily accessible by bus, including the new Glider buses that run in the city. There is not much room for parking however. There are toilets available on the main avenue through the park, but no changing facilities.


The course is made up of two laps in a figure of eight shape. The first loop is much shorter than the second, so don’t be surprised to find yourself back at the centre quite quickly. The surface is about 70% light gravel with the remainder being paved. This isn’t a flat course, but any inclines are fairly gradual. There are permanent route and distance markers which are very helpful as you go around the course. The park surroundings are really beautiful, with well maintained lawns and shrubbery, good signage around the park, and of course the main avenue with its striking view to the parliament building.


Refreshments are provided at the finish line, which are very welcome. Parkrunnners also gather at a nice cafe down the street from the park entrance, though it is not that close by.

X Factor

The Northern Ireland Assembly sits in the parliament building, giving this park an important place in the political life of Northern Ireland. The imposing statue of Edward Carson along the main avenue gives a sense of the prominent figures that have graced the halls of that building.

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