Bangor 050119


This parkrun takes place in an urban setting in the town of Bangor. There is no one big car park here, but there is a small car park and lots of street parking around the park. If not driving though, there is a local bus service and the train station is a ten minute walk from the park, so easily accessible. There are toilets available next to the start line but no changing facilities.


This run is entirely paved and is mostly flat, though there are a few small climbs. It might therefore be a good place to attempt a PB, but there are some sharp corners that will slow you down. The sharp corners are a result of the shape of the run, which I think might best be described as a flower with three petals, where you start in the middle, go out on one loop and get back to the middle, go out on another loop, and then a third. This needs to be done three times. It’s a bit difficult to follow the first time round but there are marshals on hand to guide you. The park itself is very nice, being well maintained and having lots of nice features and points of interest, like the pond and a German u-boat cannon.


The parkrun volunteers put on a great spread in the bowling pavilion for the runners when they finish the run.

X Factor

This run is a great example of two organisations sharing their facilities and making best use of them for the good of the community.

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