Stranmillis College 160219


This urban parkrun is easy to get to by public transport or alternatively by walking or cycling. There is parking available at the run, but the car parks are small and may fill up. There are toilets available close to the start line, but no changing facilities.


This course is made up of one loop around the grounds of the college which must be covered three times. The course is tough, with a long gradual climb at the far end of the loop. Given that this must be done three times it is safe to say that there is plenty of climbing at this run and it is not the place to attempt a PB. The entire route is paved and for the few turns that need to be taken marshalls are on hand to show you where to go. The college grounds are quite nice, with lots of big trees and some great architecture on view also.


Coffee is had in a small cafe in one of the college buildings. There is plenty of seating available here to sit down and have a chat with your fellow parkrunnners.

X Factor

Taking place on a university campus,  there is a very nice atmosphere at this parkrun. It is relaxed and contemplative, a good mood to be in for running.

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