Mallow Town 020319


Public transport is a good way to get to this parkrun as the bus stop is right next to the park. Driving is an option but many of the car parks are pay and display and some are for customers of the local shops only. There are no toilet or changing facilities at this run.


This is a mostly flat run, about 50:50 paved and grass. There is one pinch ate a hill at the far end of the run, but it is not too long. Altogether then this would be a good run to attempt a PB, but only during dry weather, as the grass will tend to get muddy during wet weather. The course is relatively straight forward, with two laps of aloop around the main part of the park and an out and back spur along the river bank in between the two laps. The park is fairly open with a few playing fields, and there are some impressive bridges on  display as you run along the river bank.


Coffee is had in a hotel on the main street, where breakfast cam be purchased.

X Factor

Mallow has an interesting history as having a strong agricultural and industrial base and is known as the ‘Crossroads of Munster’. If you have some time while visiting Mallow check out the herd of white deer at the Castle.

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