Tøyen 180519


This parkrun located in central Oslo is easy to get to by public transport, with a metro station and bus stations close by. Driving is an option but I didn’t see a lot of parking spaces around the park. There are no changing or toilet facilities at the park.


This hilly course is made up of three laps around the park, with a short spur at the beginning and end of the loop. The path is mostly paved, except for one end of the loop which is grass and earthen. It is at this point of the loop where the steepest incline is, so during wet weather I imagine that this part of the run would be quite challenging and a lot of fun. The park itself is very nice, with a good mixture of lawns, mature trees and gardens.


Parkrunners enjoy coffee in the cafe located in the picturesque botanical gardens across the street from the parkrun.

X Factor

It is always a thrill for me to go visit parkruns in different countries around the world and this parkrun is testament to the enduring appeal of parkrun around the world.

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