Coole 141219


This parkrun has a medium sized car park which I imagine would fill up quickly in the summer time, so if you are driving there I would get there early. Public transport is not really an option to get to this parkrun, but cycling is always an option. There are good toilet facilities, but no changing rooms.


This is a very nice course made up of two laps on a loop around the forest, with a very short out and back section to the start/finish line. The route is entirely paved. There is a fair bit of climbing on this course, with a long gradual climb from the far end of the loop back up to the top of the loop. The run goes through a peaceful forest for the very most of the lap and is a great place to let your mind wander.


There is a nice coffee shop next to the start/finish line which is a lovely spot for parkrunners to gather after the run

X Factor

There is a great history to Coole park, being the Gregory ancestral home, and the abode of Lady Augusta Gregory. Lady Gregory had an immense role to play in the Irish Literary Revival hosting such giants as the Yeats brothers, JM Synge, Sean O’Casey and George Bernard Shaw. A long stay is recommended in this fantastic place.

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