Hillsborough Forest 040921


This parkrun is located in a popular park next to the village of Hillsborough. The park has a car park but can be busy. Parking is also available in the village, and there is a public toilet in this car park. Buses run from the nearby town of Lisburn which has further onward connections. If cycling from Lisburn the most direct route is down the busy A1, which is probably best avoided unless you are a confident cyclist.


This run consists of two laps of a figure of eight course. The route is easy to follow and is well signposted. The surface is entirely light gravel and the paths are wide. This is definitely not a flat course, but other than one pinch of a hill, the climbing didn’t feel too bad while going around. The surrounds are quite pleasant, the run being entirely within a mature forest offering shade in the summer and shelter in the winter.


The designated coffee stop is in the village of Hillsborough. It is a nice place but a good distance from the run location.

X Factor

This was my first parkrun after the Covid break and having not done a parkrun in more than a year and a half this parkrun will always have a special place in my mind. Other than that this is a very picturesque place, the village of Hillsborough being an architectural gem. There is also an interesting history for the origin of the settlement and the fort within the park.

One thought on “Hillsborough Forest 040921

  1. We visited Hillsborough Forest when we were over visiting friends a couple of weeks back and it looked a lovely location for parkrun. Unfortunately it was only a day trip and not a Saturday but will try to make sure our next visit encompasses Saturday AM so I can try it out!


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