Mallow Castle 180921


This parkrun is located close to the centre of Mallow town and is easily accessible for local residents. Mallow is well connected by public transport, being on the Cork to Dublin rail line and many local bus routes. The train and bus stations are within walking distance of the parkrun. There is no specific parking for the parkrun location but parking is available in Mallow town. There are no changing facilities, but a public toilet is available in the town.


This run is made up of a lollipop course, with an out and back section at the start and end of the run and a two lap loop in the middle. The loop is flat but the out and back is on a sight incline which makes for tough running as you give it everything to the finish line. The route is almost entirely paved with a short gravel surface at the start and end. The route has some sharp turns and narrow bridges, so if going for a good time it would be important to stay towards the front of the crowd at the start to avoid congestion. The park itself is very nice, well maintained and quiet going along the banks of the river Blackwater.


Post run coffee is had at a cafe on the main street where breakfast is available.

X Factor

The park is located on the grounds of Mallow castle, which has a rich history dating back to the 13th century. The park is also well known for its white deer who are descended from a gift that Elizabeth 1st gave to a former resident of the castle.

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