Pobalscoil na Trionoide 251221


This parkrun has plenty of parking spaces for those who choose to drive to this run on the outskirts of Youghal town. Public transport will get you to Youghal, but as the run is located on the outskirts of the town there will be a walk of roughly 1.5 miles to the run, which can be a useful way to warm up. There are toilets at the run, but no changing facilities.


This run is made up of a four lap course in a lollipop shape, with an out and back section to the loop. There is sizeable ascent from the far end of the loop back to the start of the lap, which as always doesn’t look that bad until you actually have to run up there four times. The course is entirely paved, but with a large step at the end of the paving in places be careful when overtaking or cornering.


I attended this run on a special event day, so I’m not sure what the normal coffee situation is. I believe that there is a cafe on site.

X Factor

The most memorable part of this run for me was the fact that it was on Christmas Day. The benefits of running extend over the physical and mental realms and parkrun facilitates access to those benefits for people of all ages and abilities. The fact that there was a run on this day is testament to the good that parkrun brings to people’s lives.

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