Castletown 291016


This course is located close to the town of Cellbridge, and there is lots of parking available. Toilets in the café, but this was not open before the run.


The course is located in a nice country house estate, with mature woodland and tree lined avenues. The Liffey runs through the park and the run course goes by it. The run is mostly flat with a gravel surface, two short laps with an in-and-out section. It is not allowed to run on the grass though, so not good for bad knees.


There is a lovely café in Castletown house, which is situated in a room that looks like it might have been a kitchen when the house was in its heyday. There was a nice garden outside the café where you can go to have your coffee on a sunny day, and the coffee was tasty too.

X Factor

This run has great volunteer support. It was Halloween when I was here so there were a lot of people in fancy dress, which was a lot of fun. A big run, with a lot of participants.

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