Dundalk 221016


This course is well connected with bus and rail services, but it is a long walk from the station to the park. There is not a lot of parking at the park. There were toilets but they were not close by.


The run takes place around the playing fields of DKIT. As a result it is not varied and there are not a lot of trees, so quite a plain run. However, you could see the mountains of Mourne in the distance which was nice. Quite a flat course, with three laps so it is easy to gauge what is coming next. A good place to attempt a PB


I couldn’t attend the post run coffee as I had to catch a train in the opposite direction. The coffee was not close by, so car was the only option really. Had coffee in the town which unfortunately was not very tasty.

X Factor

There was a windmill next to the park, which I found interesting. Also, this is the town where the mighty Dundalk Town FC play. Quite impressive to think that the football team from this small little town was playing a European giant in Zenith St. Petersburg just a few days before my run.

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