Cootehill 210117


The car park is right next to the start line, but is small and is not big enough to accommodate the existing crowd of participants; there were a lot of cars parked out on the road. The run is located out from the town and has no public transport or toilet.


The course is a figure of eight course with two laps. It goes through the woods and along by the lake. A fun and varied run, and very pretty but is located next to a large milk processing plant which detracts slightly from the atmosphere.


Coffee, tea, and water are supplied by the organisers after the run at the finish line. This was very welcome on the cold morning that I was there.

X Factor

This is a good community run, with some fun rivalry at the top of the field. Also, I was impressed by a tradition at this event. Before the run starts each runner turns to the person next to them at the start line and wishes them good luck. I spent some time in the town after the run and found it to be a very welcoming place.

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