Kilkenny 140117


There is not a lot of parking for this run, only along the side of the road next to the park. It is in the middle of the town, so there may be disc parking effective there, but as it is in the middle of town it is accessible for residents, and is close to intercity bus and rail.


This is a very picturesque and varied run. The runs goes along manicured lawns next to the well maintained, centuries old castle, down paths into the woodland and past the lake. Also a fair incline at the far end of the park, which you have to cover three times, so the run is testing, but very enjoyable. The start of the run is not well organised, however, with no clear start line and slow runners at the front and fast runners at the back.


There are an abundance of coffee options available after the run in the town centre. I had a very tasty cappuccino

X Factor

There is a big participation in this event and a good quality field, in a historic location, so this run has a lot going for it.

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