River Valley 151016


There is good public transport to this run, as is to be expected for a city run, and there is lots of parking at the community centre. There are toilets in the community centre as well, though it is closed before the run.


The entrance to the park is quite plain, once inside, the environs improve. The course was nice, with a paved path and lots of big tress. The run descends into a valley and it feels quite secluded down there, which is hard to achieve in the middle of a city. This is a lapped course with a big hill so not a course for a PB.


The parkrunners usually have coffee in the community centre after the run but there was no staff there the day I ran, which was disappointing.

X Factor

The run is located close to Dublin airport and it is quite cool to hear the planes taking off, though this detracts from the serenity of the valley somewhat. Good volunteer support.

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