Porterstown 040217


There is a small parking area next to the park which fills up very quickly. There is a church car park next to the public car park but I don’t think park users are allowed to park there. The park is accessible by Dublin bus and some nearby houses. There are no toilet facilities onsite.


The course consists of three laps of the playing fields in the middle of the park. The course is paved all the way with a slight incline.


There are refreshments provided at the finish line by the run organisers. Coffee and tea and homemade goodies are included.

X Factor

This is quite a plain park, but the home made refreshments at the finish line does give the event something special. The park is also at a slightly elevated site, which means that there is a bit of a view to the Dublin mountains, which is nice. Finally there is a lot of activity here on Saturday morning with teams of all shapes and sizes getting together for games.

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