Shanganagh 110217


This parkrun has ample parking available near the amenity centre and graveyard at the south side of the park. Shankill village nearby is connected by Dublin Bus and the park is surrounded by houses


The course is all paved and quite flat, with a few 90 degree turns. A good place to attempt a PB. The end of the course is quite nice, with a long curved open path – like a race track. The park itself is mostly taken up with playing fields but there are a few small wooden groves at different parts of the park, which are nice.


I had coffee in a local café after the run. The staff were nice and the coffee was quite tasty.

X Factor

There is a very enthusiastic run director at this run. The run is made up of three laps of the park and when you cross the start finish line he shouts out your time which is good to gauge how you are getting on. He also holds a group warm up before the run which is good to get the blood flowing.

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