Navan 040317


This run is reasonably accessible. There is a small car park on site, which fills up pretty quickly. The park is on the outskirts of the town but is still within walking distance of a lot of local houses. There is no public transport within the town but there is a good bus service to and from Dublin and Cavan. There are no toilets available at the park.


The run is made up of three and a half laps of the tarmac path that loops around the park. The tarmac surface makes for a fast run though there is a bit of a climb half way through the lap, which may mean you won’t achieve your PB here. The run is well marshaled but the course is pretty easy to follow anyway. The park itself is mainly grassland with a few small trees here and there. There is some good signage around the park of the history of the site. When the park was being cleared remains were found of some medieval settlements. This is detailed in the signs and is interesting to read. Finally, the river Blackwater runs alongside the far end of the park.


There isn’t a cafe very near the park so I got coffee in a shop on the way back into the town centre. It was quite nice.

X Factor

A few famous names come from Navan, including Tommy Tiernan, Hector, and Pierce Brosnan, which is remarkable for a small place. There must be something in the water. There is a good field at this run which means it is competitive at all levels.

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