Hartstown 110317


This parkrun is easily accessible to local residents and is connected with a Dublin Bus service. There is a large car ark at the park, but with the large number of participants and other park users this car park fills up quickly. There are no toilets or changing facilities available at the park.


The course is entirely paved with tarmac and consists of one big loop of the park, followed by a smaller loop. There are a few turns but these are well marshalled. The course is flat so this is a good place for a PB, though a few sharp turns may slow you down slightly. The park is divided up into a few different sections which adds a little interest and there are some nice big trees around, which I always admire.


I had coffee in a shop on the way back from the park. It was nice.

X Factor

There is a large participation in this parkrun, which adds to the atmosphere. I was very pleased to be cheered on by some very enthusiastic volunteers throughout the course who encouraged runners to keep going with loads of shouts of support.

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