Tramore 130517


There is no shortage of parking at this parkrun located on the seafront in the town of Tramore. There is a frequent bus service to Waterford city centre, with buses running every 30 minutes. There are toilets available close to the start line and these are big and clean so could be used for changing if needed.


The shape of this run is hard to describe. It starts with an out and back section and then goes on to a pan shaped section. The course is well marshalled throughout and there are sign posts at every turn. The course has a mixture of surfaces. At a rough guess it is 70% paved, the remainder being gravel and sand. The course, being on the seafront, is quite exposed, so if there is any wind this is probably not a place for a PB. However, if it is windy and the sea is a bit rough the waves will crash against the quay wall and you might get a spray of salt water over you during the run. This is a real novelty. There are some great views of the sea, the town, and the surrounding countryside as you go around the course. Finally, there is one small climb, but the course is mostly flat.


There are numerous cafes along the seafront so plenty of options for coffee. All are facing out towards the sea so there are some great views.

X Factor

Tramore has a lot of holiday homes, good cafes and restaurants and there are a lot of people who seem to get great enjoyment from the place. It is this sense of leisure that makes time spent in Tramore very enjoyable.

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