Limerick 200517


This parkrun, located on the University of Limerick campus, has plenty of parking and the campus itself is serviced by the city buses. The UL campus is very big, and the run is at the back of the campus, so it is a bit isolated. The start is located close to the UL boat house which has toilets, but may be closed. There are no changing facilities.


The course is made up of one small lap followed by three big laps of a small circuit. The path is a mix of paved surface and tightly packed gravel. There is a small incline but nothing too challenging. The surroundings are fantastic. The campus is well adorned with big trees and the Shannon flows along next to it. The course goes down by the river where there are some very pretty cottages. There are a few sharp turns on the course and the incline probably means this is not a parkrun for a PB.


There are some cafes on campus, though they weren’t open when I went there. Other than that you may need to travel a bit for coffee.

X Factor

This parkrun is located in the beautiful surroundings of UL. The big campus means that there are no big roads nearby, which means no traffic noise, and this gives great serenity to this urban event.

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