Vandeleur 030617


This run is located at the edge of Kilrush town and there is a handy path off the main road to get from the town to the park. Kilrush has a bus service from Ennis, but for those who decide to drive to this event there is plenty of spaces available. There are toilets available at the cafe next to the start line, but these may not be open before the run.


The course consists of one big loop around the wood surrounding Vandeleur walled garden. The course  is mostly flat, and the surface is made up of a mixture of loose and tightly packed gravel. There are some turns with large loose stones so watch your step here. The trees in the wood are large and mature meaning the path is quite enclosed. This provides a really secluded feeling to the course and it is a great place to get lost in your thoughts.


There is a cafe next to the start/finish line where the parkrunnners go after the run. I had a very nice breakfast in there.

X Factor

There is a lot of history to this old demense of the Van de Leur family. Signage around the walled garden explains their story. The walled garden itself is very pretty and a lovely place to spend a little time.

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