New Ross 270517


This rural parkrun is located in the John F Kennedy memorial arboretum south of New Ross town in Co. Wexford and has plenty of parking available but is not accessible by public transport. There are toilets close to the start line, which are large and clean so could be used for changing if needed.


The course is made up of one and a half laps on the main path around the arboretum. The course does not have a lot of signage but it is fairly straightforward to follow. The start is followed by a relatively sharp descent which means the rest of the loop is made up of a long gradual climb, so this is perhaps not the place for a PB. The  park surroundings are magnificent. The arboretum contains over 4,000 types of trees, and is extremely pretty and tranquil. The different species are planted in separate areas so there are noticeable scents in the air as you go around, from the pines to the eucalypts. There is a visitor centre with a good audio visual display and some pictures and quotes from JFK.


I was lucky to do this parkrun on the second anniversary of the first New Ross parkrun, which meant that there was some well deserved cake at the end of the run, along with tea and coffee. All the parkrunners enjoyed a cup and a good chat.

X Factor

Other than the beauty of this place there is a great sense of history here as the arboretum was founded in memorial of one of the most iconic figures of the twentieth century. The Kennedy ancesteral homestead is a few miles down the road from the arboretum and is well worth a visit.

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