Clarisford 150717


This parkrun located at the south side of Killaloe, County Clare has a medium sized car park, which easily accommodates those that drive to the run. There is a bus service from Limerick, but the park is located in the outskirts of the town so enough time should be given for getting to the run from the town centre. There are toilet and changing facilities available at the park.


This is a mostly flat course, with one small, short climb. The course is made up of four and a half laps around the outskirts of the park. The course is not signposted or marshalled but is quite straightforward. The surface is lose gravel. The park is located on the southern shore of Lough Derg which provides a nice backdrop, and there are lots of mature trees around the park.


There are a few nice options for coffee in the town centre, but require a drive or a long walk.

X Factor

This event makes use of the facilities provided for the local GAA and soccer clubs. It is great to see this type of facility sharing in local communities. There is also an interesting history in this area, it being the place where the last high king of Ireland Brian Boru grew up.


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