Lees Road 220717


Located on the outskirts of Ennis in Co. Clare, this parkrun has a large car park, with plenty of room for parking. Due to its location it is not really accessible by public transport or local residents, without a long walk. There are toilets available in the sports complex building next to the car park.


The course for this parkrun starts next to the pitches on the site and takes you through a mature woodland, with an undulating profile. The surface is earthen, with some gravel, so in wet weather is likely to get muddy. Altogether, this would mean that this is not likely to be a run to attempt a PB. The run is very enjoyable however, with many twists and turns through the forest, and the cool forest is espcially nice on a warm summer day. The course is well sign-posted and marshalled, so there is no fear of getting lost on your way around.


I believe the parkrunners go for coffee in town after the run, but I was unable to attend unfortunately.

X Factor

This run is located next to a large sports complex for GAA, soccer and athletics, and it is nice to see all the community taking part in different sports. Seeing this provides a lot of motivation for participating in sport.

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