Bushy Dublin 230917


Parking is limited for this parkrun but it is well serviced by Dublin Bus routes. The park is in the middle of residential area so the run is very accessible for local residents. Toilets are available in the shopping centre close by.


The course follows a pan and handle type route, with an out and back stretch and a loop around the pond in the middle. The route is mostly flat, with some small climbs. The route is mostly paved as well, though there can be some puddles and mud along the way after rain. The park itself is very pretty, with lots of mature woodland and a pond. There are some interesting features around the park like a bandstand and some old ruins.


The Templeouge high street is nearby with different coffee options. I got a nice coffee in one of the cafes there.

X Factor

This event is one of the newer events in Ireland. There is a large group of volunteers that keep the event going which is great to see.


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