Oranmore 300917


This parkrun is located in Rinville park which faces out into Galway Bay. The run is not really accessible by public transport, without a long walk, but there is plenty of car park spaces. Toilets are available in the middle of the park.


The course is in a figure of eight shape, and two laps must be completed. The route is entirely paved. There is a steady climb about three quarters of the way through the lap, which is a lot tougher than what it looks from afar. So, this run is maybe not the place for a PB. However, PBs are not imporant when you are enjoying the scenery around this park which is very nice. There are great views out over the bay from the top of the hill.


Parkrunners go to a cafe in Oranmore village which is a bit of a trek from Rinville. The coffee and cafe is very nice however.

X Factor

Running around with the Atlantic in view is always a special thing in my opinion, and there are great views of the sea from this park.

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