Donabate 141017


This parkrun is easily accessible by public transport, with Donabate train station being about a ten minute walk from the start line. Bus services are also available. The park is close to the town of Donabate so is a short walk for residents. There is a large car park for those who wish to drive to the park. Toilets are available close to three start line.


This course can be best described as one big loop with two out and back spurs. The course is mostly paved except for a short grass section at the start. The course is quite flat and sheltered, so this could be a good parkrun you attempt a PB. However, the u turns at the end of the spurs will cost you valuable seconds in your PB attempt. The course is well sign posted and marshalled, even having coloured bollards at some of the corners. The park itself is very beautiful, being an old Georgian estate, there is some nice mature woodland and nice architecture around the park. Bill Watterson’s  character Calvin once said that Autumn is nature’s fireworks display. Well there is a great view of that display in thus park, the burnt orange of Horse Chestnut leaves being a particular delight.


Post run coffee is had in a cafe at the back of the Georgian house, and opens out to the main courtyard. It is a Dewalt nice setting and serves nice coffee

X Factor

Apart from the beauty of this park, there is an interesting history to the place. The house and demense was owned by a family called Cobbe until quite recently, and unusually, the family still has rights of residence in the house, though it is owned by the council. I was lucky to arrive at this event on its second anniversary, and the volunteers brought cakes for all to enjoy.

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