Dungloe 071017


This parkrun, located at the eastern end on Dungloe town, has the use of a large car park at a nearby supermarket. Being a small town the run is also within walking distance for residents. For travellers from further afield there is a bus service to Dungloe, but possibly not before the start time. Interestingly, for anyone travelling from Dublin or Glasgow, there is an airport just ten minutes drive from Dungloe. There are no toilets or changing facilities available at this event.


This course consists of three clockwise laps around a small loop. There are not many sign posts or marshals to show the way but they are not really needed as it is very straightforward. The course is mostly light gravel, perfect for running, though puddles can develop during wet conditions. The course is mostly flat, with a few inclines. The course is a bit exposed on the northern end, and given the location close to the vast expanse of the Atlantic ocean you will certainly feel any weather that may be about in this section. The course goes along next to Dungloe Lough, and has great views out over the lough and its islands.


The main places for coffee are back in towards the town centre, which require a walk or short drive. Coffee was ok.

X Factor

I think there is always something special about these places on the western edge of Ireland. The remoteness, the scenery, the Atlantic, and the weather that brings. There is a certain type of resilience needed to live here. That resilience comes out in the dedication of the parkrun volunteers and when you top that off with the friendliness and welcoming attitude of all the people in this place it makes for a very special parkrun.

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