Claremorris 181117


Claremorris parkrun takes place around Clare Lake, which is a short walk from the centre of the town. Due to its proximity to the town centre it is quite accessible for town residents. For those travelling from further afield Claremorris is located on the Dublin- Westport rail line. Anyone deciding to drive to this parkrun, however, will have difficulty in finding parking as spaces are limited in the area. No toilet or changing facilities are available.


The course is mostly flat, though it has a few short ups and downs along the way. The course outline is probably best described as a cotton bud shape. The surface is mostly light gravel, and seems to be well drained, so no fear of muddy patches in bad weather. This event is well run, with marshals and signposts at each turn. The route also has distance markers which are always helpful. The park itself is a very pretty setting, with nice paths and woodlands surrounding the lake.


Parkrunnners are able to avail of discounted tea, coffee and scones at a shop across the street from the main entrance. This is a great deal.

X Factor

As you run around this course, every now and then you come across a clearing at the side of the path where you will see some sculptures and art installations. That would be fairly standard for parks all over the country, but what is unique about this park is the sheer wackiness of the sculptures, which include Lego statues and giant installations of furniture, Wellington boots and bizarrely the contents of a mathematical pencil case set.  These pieces provide an entertaining distraction as you run around

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