Gorey 251117


This course is located close to the centre of Gorey town, and so is easily accessible for the town residents. Parking is somewhat limited however. Gorey is well connected by bus and rail services if the car is not an option. This event makes use of the dressing rooms and toilets in the park, so you can change at teh park if needed.


The course is a simple loop of the park, which is completed five times. There are marshalls to show you where to go but the route is quite easy to follow. The surface is entirely paved, and flat, so it is possible to do a fast time here, though there are a few sharp turns. Also, watch out for a few bumps in the path in places.


The post run coffee is had close to the finish line, with a burker boiler providing hot water for drinks. A great spot to discuss the run.

X Factor

I attended this event on its first birthday, and it was great to see that the event has continued for the last year, mostly thanks to the dedication of the volunteers.

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