Fairview 231217


This parkrun is very accessible, being connected by bus and rail stations, and being surrounded by residential areas. Driving here would not be advised as there is limited parking. There are no toilet or changing facilities.


The run is made up of a three lap course, in a figure of eight shape. The course is very flat, but the surface is split around 60:40, paved:grass. Therefore if the weather isn’t very good the grass sections could get a bit muddy and this may not be the place for a PB. The course is well marked out with little red cones showing the way along with marshalls standing at turns and corners showing you the way.


Most of the time parkrunners enjoy a coffee in a local cafe, however today there were some special treats at the finish line as it was Christmas.

X Factor

The volunteers make a huge effort each week to run this event (pardon the pun). The route is very clearly marked out which is important on grass sections. Something that caught my attention at this event, though, was the extra effort the volunteers made to bring some Christmas spirit to the run. Before the run the volunteers pinned some jingle bells to the runners before they took off, which made for an interesting soundscape as we all ran around.

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