Russborough 030218


This parkrun, located in rural County Wicklow, is held in the grounds of the Russborough House demesne. Given the location public transport is not really an option to get to this parkrun, but there is a large car park next to the start line. There are signs up at the entrance of the demesne that say €2 is required for entry to the car park, but this is waived for parkrunners. As you enter the car park there should be an attendant that will open the barrier. Cycling is also an option with bicycle parking rails available, however, the road to Russborough House is quite busy, so cycle with care if you choose this option. There are toilets available close to the start line.


The course consists of two laps around the grounds in front of the house, with a short loop at the start just to make up the distance. The best word I can use to describe this course is variety. There are all kinds of different surfaces, from well paved roads to large and small gravel to grass and woodland paths. There are no steep climbs but there is a sizable elevation difference from one side of the grounds to the other, meaning you will do some climbing but it is gradual. The climbing together with the grass route makes this similar to a cross-country run, which can get quite muddy in wet conditions. Of course you will have to watch your step, but the muddy conditions offer a great challenge for your stability and in my opinion makes for a very fun run. The course is easy to follow. There are two turns which are marshalled. The grounds themselves are very grand. On your way around you will pass the old house, fields with mature trees, some small groves, a walled garden, a pond, and a Japanese garden.


There are tea rooms in the main house, but these are only open during the Summer. Blessington is nearby otherwise, with some good options for a post run coffee.

X Factor

The surroundings make this a special parkrun, with lots of interesting attractions on the grounds of the old estate. The friendly and encouraging volunteers also add to the event.

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