Monaghan 100218


This rural parkrun has a large car park and toilets are available close to the start line. Public transport is not really an option for this event, but for the very determined, Monaghan town is about two miles from this parkrun and it is connected by bus.


The run is made up of a two lap course through the park. It is a wonderful course with lots of twists and turns and varied landscapes to keep you focused as you go around. The course is almost entirely loose gravel, and there is a significant climb in this lap, so I wouldn’t recommend this event for a PB attempt. The park surroundings are very pretty, with lots of mature trees, terraced lawns, streams, waterfalls and a lake. There are a lot of rhododendrons which should be in flower in early Summer, which would be a good time to visit the park. Despite all of the twists and turns as you go around, the course is not confusing as there are lots of signs and marshals telling you where to go.


There is no coffee on site, so parkrunners go to nearby Monaghan to relax after the run.

X Factor

There is an interesting history to this park. It was once the location of a stately home, but the house fell into disrepair, and was eventually demolished. There are still lots of remnants of the old estate in the park, like the very impressive walled garden. A lovely spot to spend a few hours and have a picnic.

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