Templemore 240218


This parkrun is located in the centre of Templemore and has plenty of parking available close to the start line. Templemore is also easily accessible by bus and rail. There are no toilet or changing facilities available at this course though.


This course is made up of two and a bit laps on a track around the park. The surfaces is a mixture of fine gravel and tarmac. Although mostly flat, I’m not sure I would recommend this course for a PB attempt as there are a few small but steady climbs and a few tight turns. This is a lovely park to run around though. The course goes through a marshy woodland and circumnavigates a lake in the centre of the park.


Coffee is enjoyed in a hotel in the centre of town, a five minute walk from the finish line.

X Factor

Templemore is best known as the location of the Garda training college. Needless to say, everyone is on their best behaviour on the town, :). There are some interesting historical features in the park including the Black Castle and a moated graveyard which is quite unusual.

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