Tolka Valley 100318


This parkrun in the north Dublin suburbs is conveniently located for surrounding residential areas, being within a short walking distance. There is also a bus service to the park and the Broombridge rail station is close by. Parking is limited to on-street parking next to the park. There are no toilet or changing facilities.


The course is made up of one big lap of the park followed by two shorter laps. The surface is entirely paved and is mostly flat. You could try a PB attempt here but the park is slightly exposed, so there may be wind to contend with, and there is one section of the course where there is a short but sharp decline and incline, in a W profile, which has to be passed three times. It’s almost as if the park is divided into two parts: there is the flat part where the course is laid out and there are some playing fields; and then there is the valley through which the Tolka river flows. As you run along the course you can look down into the valley and watch the river as it meanders its way toward the sea. This is a nice sight.


After the race the parkrunners go to a nearby shopping centre for coffee.

X Factor

Although not part of the same park, Glasnevin cemetery is about a 20 minute walk away. This is the resting place of some of Ireland’s most prominent political figures in modern history, along with one million Dubliners. The cemetery has a museum and is a fascinating place to visit.

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