Rostrevor 050518


This parkrun takes place in a park with a caravan park next to it so toilet and changing facilities are available and are very good. Parking is available at the park and there is a bus from Newry every Saturday morning which should get you here in time for the bus.


This is a hilly run, which is not surprising given that Rostrevor is nestled in the foothills of the Mourne mountains. The run consists of two laps of the course, and is mostly made up of gravel surfaces. Although it is a tough course, it is very enjoyable, with plenty of twists and turns; plenty to keep your mid occupied. As you go around the course you will be treated to some beautiful scenes and vistas, including a run along a riverbank, a run through a forest, and great views over Carlingford Lough on a clear day.


Coffee is had in a cafe at the top of the park. There are large windows in this cafe with great views out over the park and the surrounding area.

X Factor

There is a great history and folklore to this place, with Finn McCool himself making an appearance as the person to have thrown the Cloughmore on top of the mountain behind the park. CS Lewis also had connections with Rostrevor, so much so that there are many Narnia inspired features in the park, including the door to Narnia, which you go through during the run, and the famous lamp post on the other side of the door.

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