Inch Beach 190518


This run is located in a rural setting on the Dingle peninsula in County Kerry, and so, public transport is not an option for getting to this run. There is a good sized car park however for those that drive to the run. There are public toilets available in the car park, but no changing facilities.


This parkrun takes place on Inch Beach, which is a long sand bar sticking out from the Dingle peninsula. The route could not be more simple; it consists of running from the start line down the beach to the turnaround point and then running back to the start line. The route is flat and is exposed to the Atlantic ocean to the west. Being on a beach, the surface is of course sand, which provides its own unique challenges. Generally the closer to the water the more tightly compacted the sand is. There are however several soft spots, which will slow you down. All in all, this is probably not the parkrun to attempt a PB. The surroundings are magnificent, with breathtaking views of the Iveragh peninsula to the south, and the Dingle peninsula to the north.


Being a popular beach on the tourist trail there are two cafes close to the start line where parkrunners can go to enjoy their post run coffees.

X Factor

The more I visit it, the more I learn that the west of Ireland is a special place. Its scenery, its culture, its soul always leaves me with an indescribable sense of well being. This event captures everything about the west of Ireland that makes it such a wonderful place.

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