Falls 260518


This parkrun located in the Belfast suburbs is easily accessible by public transport, with many buses running by the park. Parking is a bit limited around the park so public transport would be the best option to get here. This parkrun shares facilities with the bowling club, where there are toilets and changing facilities available.


This course consists of three laps, one shorter lap followed by two larger laps. The course is well marshalled and there are way markets painted on the path also. The course is paved throughout, and is well sheltered. However, there is plenty of climbing to do in this parkrun so don’t expect a PB. The park itself is very picturesque, with well maintained flower beds, mature trees and views of the mountains around Belfast.


Parkrunnners gather in the bowling club after the run for coffee. A great opportunity to discuss the run once you’ve caught your breath after all those hills.

X Factor

Tá alán gaeilgeoirí in iarthar Béal Feirste, agus is breá leo gaeilge a caint. Is rud deas é mo chuid gaeilge a labhairt agus tá seans mhaith ann anseo é a chleachtadh.

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