Waterworks 090618


This parkrun is easily accessible by public transport given its urban location about two miles north of Belfast city centre. Parking is limited however. There are toilets available close to the start line, but no changing facilities.


This is a two lap course around the reservoirs in the park. The route is entirely paved. The park is on two levels and the lap is mostly flat on either level but there is a heartbreaking climb from the lower level to the upper level. Be prepared. The course had distance markers which are always useful for gauging the effort required and there are marshals at the major turns. The park itself is peaceful with nice views out over the water.


Parkrunnners have coffee and refreshments at the pavilion near the finish line. A great opportunity to talk about how tough the hill was.

X Factor

At all parkruns it is important to be mindful of other park users. This spirit of mutual respect was exemplified in Waterworks where the start was delayed to allow some geese and ducks to move from the path.

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