Belfast Victoria 230618


There is a small car park at this park in the east of Belfast city, but with a large contingent of parkrunnners the car park can fill up quite quickly. Public transport or walking may be a better options as a result. There is a toilet at the park, but no changing facilities.


This is a fast, flat course made up of three laps around the park. The entire route is paved and sheltered so is a great spot to attempt a PB. The main feature in the park is the central pond, which is surrounded by mature trees providing many appealing views throughout the park. There is also a well maintained rose bed in the park, which is worth a visit.


Coffee is had in the bowling club in the park.

X Factor

This run takes place in the shadows of the Harland and Wolff ship yard cranes, one of the most iconic sights of Belfast. There is much history associated with this site, not least of which is the building of the Titanic.

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