MUSA Cookstown 280718


This parkrun takes place in a big sports complex located about one and a half miles outside the town of Cookstown. It’s a rural setting so there is ample car parking space. I believe there is also a bus that runs from the town to the entrance to the complex. There are toilets available but no changing facilities.


This is a hilly course. I wouldn’t be surprised if you detected a little trauma in that statement, as I tried to run this course a little quicker than normal and I am most definitely feeling the effects of that effort now, a few hours later. It is a three lap course, completely paved. I found this to be a very enjoyable course with the many twists and turns and ups and downs bringing a lot of variety to the run. The course goes around an agricultural college with many unusual crops and features surrounding it.


The parkrun crew gather in a wee cabin in the car park after the run to scan bar codes and have a coffee. Many people bring biscuits for all to enjoy.

X Factor

Looking back over the history of the course there have been some incredible times run at this event, especially considering the hilly terrain. It is always impressive to see such good calibre runners.

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